Monday, March 19, 2007

I Really Love You!

I really Love You

I used to say to people,” Jesus loves you and so do I”, I have changed that to, “I really love you but not nearly as much as Jesus does”. He knows how to love far better than I. He is never less loving because he is tired or is upset or is selfish; or because you are not perfect, beautiful or friendly. He knows all about you, and loves you unconditionally anyway.

I am sure He is disappointed when you reject his love by not putting him at the very top of your priorities, but his offer of love never changes. Everything that he has ever allowed, or ever will allow, to come into your life is designed to bring you into a personal relationship with him. I know that is true, for who else would go to the cross and sacrifice their life so that our sins could be forgiven?

I also want you to know that there is nothing more satisfying uplifting and joyful than knowing deeply that you belong to Jesus; That you are His own; That your service to him is the best that you can give and that He is your own special friend and master.

Could I express my love for you any better than to ask you to make Jesus your best friend? He is longing to hear from you.

Love, Howard

Howard S. Dimmick
38345 Ramblewood Blvd.
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Raj and Leena said...

I like how you put it...and it's true, Jesus does love more than we ever can.

Jan said...

I think of the old song "The Love of God" and how the words in that song says that His love goes beyond the ocean.