Saturday, February 2, 2008

Abba I Belong To You

Abba, I belong to you.

I belong to you because you loved me. You knit me together in my mother’s womb. Although I was formed from dust, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Made in your own image. Your breath filled me with the gift of life. So I surely belong to you because you created me.

I belong to you. Although sin infected my life, and defaced your image, just as it has in every human except Jesus since Adam sinned. So, I was a sinner, haughty, rebellious, filthy, and dirty. I was rebelling against your will for me. I believed Satan’s lies about you. I followed his ways and not yours. I sought fulfillment in pleasure, status, things, wealth, and lust. But I found out that you still loved me for in spite of this, in your great love you sent the sinless One, your only Son, Jesus, to suffer for my sins on the cruel cross; and although He was innocent, He died in my place, and cleansed me with his precious blood, canceling the penalty of sin, the death and hell, that I could never escape. So truly I belong to you because you redeemed me through Jesus Christ the Lord.

I always belonged to you. Even though I was unaware of it, because of your love you have guided, and guarded my life through a clutter of every imaginable circumstance and experience. I have known everything from estrangement to acceptance, despair to ecstasy, fear to triumph, addiction to deliverance, emptiness to fulfillment, separation to reinstatement, painful disease to glorious healing, the sting of guilt, to sweet forgiveness, weakness to strength, bereavement and sorrow to comfort and happiness, slavery to redemption, agony to joy, the peril of death to the restoration of life. All of this, so that by your gift of wisdom, that comes through experience, I can have the joy of serving you, leading others to Jesus and helping you build your kingdom on earth. I certainly belong to you because only by your grace and love am I privileged to know you and be your servant.

Abba, it is such joy to know that I belong to you!

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